Oscar Pistorius Sentencing – Shame on Judge Masipa!

Okay, I meant to holla at y’all about Oscar Pistorius aka “Tink-Tink,” earlier. I’m sure you saw Oscar Pistorius attempt to compete against them brothers in the Olympics, but you know they wasn’t having none of that. Johannesburg, South Afrika, where have we heard of that place before… Oh yeah “APARTHEID.” Sorry, I digress.

So this well-off spoiled rich-man (27-year old) Oscar Pistorius gets upset with his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp and murders her while she’s in his bathroom. Dude says he thought she was a burglar. Usually, I try to stay neutral, but I don’t believe that $#!+ at all. Like she wasn’t in his house earlier. Neighbor’s said they were arguing and this dude is like “I thought it was a burglar. Do you think he did not hear her scream out, he knew what he was doing. I’m sorry I can’t do it. (9mm 4 shots –3 hit the victim) She knew this killer, three months and probably planned to leave his sorry ass.

The Steenkamp family they don’t seem to have the money power, that the Pistorius family has. Judge Masipa says something like it was about achieving the right balance, a long sentence would lack mercy. FOR WHO…for Ms. Steenkamp’s family, for the person that he killed. She was a person, somebody’s daughter, a cousin, a friend. He and his family all but smiled when that stupid ass sentence came out. Judge Masipa stated “It would be a sad day for this country if an impression was created that there is one law for the poor and disadvantaged and another for the rich and famous.” Well, It is a very “SAD” day! Five years for her life, and he may serve 10-months house arrest. Shame on you, Judge Masipa, shame on you! Say whatever you want L.A.

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