Rest in Peace Officers Rafael Ramos and Wejian Liu

It should never have come to this, the person that shot you doesn’t represent the movement to bring peace between the people and the police. I’m so very sorry for your families, they should not have to mourn you. Just like Trayvon’s family, just like Eric Garner’s family, like Ezell Ford’s family, like Mike Brown’s family. This is not the way, these innocent police officers should not have to sacrifice for those in blue that abuse their power. Let’s not make them accountable for bad policemen. If we/you do that then you are no better than the police that abuse us. So, please don’t destroy the movement by just killing. The Ezell Ford autopsy came out today. I know something has to be done and I agree, but it can’t be at the expense of officers that want to do good, want to protect and want to serve. We shouldn’t stand up for any wrong doing, not from any one. Do Something L.A. but be right about what you do.

Congressional Staffers Stand-Up

U.S. African American Congressional Staffers and U. S. Representatives walked out of congress December 11. Hands held-up standing up against the continued violence and brutality against the young Black men of this country. Thank you! Derrick Rose, Reggie Bush and LeBron James, for standing up and being counted Thank you! For not worrying about pleasing your vast audiences and letting your vast audiences no, that these killings are not Okay