God helps those who do Work!

James 2:24 “You see then that by works, a man is justified, and not only by Faith.” I always tell people God helps those who do work, and yes you need faith too. I use to think it was in the Bible just that way, “God helps those who do work” I say that because I don’t believe in people sitting around waiting for their circumstances to change. Granted some things we do not have any control of, and unfortunately bad things happen to good people too. But please stop saying how you can’t find a job, when you won’t get off the couch. How you can’t find a good mate, when you constantly accept whatever comes along. You never have any fun. (I don’t know how that’s possible; you live in L.A.) My point, if you want to develop yourself, go back to school and learn something new. Find a job, go look everday have someone help you with your resume. Choose to be happy. Stop talking about it, and be about it. Why because…God helps those that DO WORK!

I Love Football, but not CTE

I am watching this special on (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) CTE. Football a game, I absolutely love! I usually watch for the hardest hits, and that’s when I cheer the loudest. I love players like Darren Woodson, Junior Seau, Greg Lloyd, and Justin Tuck, man I couldn’t and can’t wait to see how hard they were going hit their opponents. I was seriously upset about all these new rules, I said they are turning it into flag. Then I watched “League in Denial.” I love this game, and now I know what it does to the young men that play it, and it scares me. I’m suppose to go watch a game tomorrow, but I don’t feel like I’m going to enjoy it, maybe I want go. Dilema, what do you think. Say Something L.A.

Go to Work!

Government Shut-down! We can’t Fire you, but we don’t have to Re-elect You.
It’s ridiculous. Headstart programs having to close, Military wives having to wait for assistance, these are the people who elected you. We are not interested in being bullied, or a bunch of political rhetoric. The American people demand that you get back to work and do your darn jobs. Affordable Care is here, deal with it. And focus on something else like getting Americans back to work or giving our children the opportunity to compete globally in education. If you were in a normal environment where your performance was tied to your job, you wouldn’t have one. I cannot wait until you come up for election, because believe it, the American people are watching, and half of you will not be coming back. You can join the ranks of the unemployed!