My True Authentic Self

I went to a Black History Celebration (it was at the end of the month) and one of the award recipients a Caucasian female delivered one of the most incredible speeches. She talked about laughing loudly and enjoying your work. Something that I do, But, what really resonated with me was being your authentic self and not stifling who you are to for your job. I know we work to take care of our basics, but your Work should have your stamp on it, to make it something outstanding. At least that’s what I heard, that’s how I took her words. So, even though it’s not always easy, I bring a smile, laughter, and my genuine self with me to work everyday. Our diverse backgrounds working together gives us the opportunity to learn and grow. What do you think L.A.

My Take on the Oscars – For once it came out right!

Congratulations to Matthew McConaughey. Awesome work! I had no idea, what Dallas Buyers Club was about, but it looked good, and I like Matthew so I watched it. This dude was “grimy awesome,” in his portrayal of this very heterosexual male that contracts AIDS, and in a fight for his life, prolongs many others. If you haven’t seen this movie definitely see it. Just a phenomenal performance.

Lupita Nyong’o Congratulations! Her acceptance speech was awesome. I saw “Twelve Years a Slave” but the portrayal was so real, I can not put in to words the emotions it evoked. But you were great, and very deserving of the Oscar so congratulations again.