Donald Sterling – Band for Life

Kudos to Mr. Silver, swift and decisive! Band for life, 2.5 million dollar fine, mostly the band demonstrates that the NBA owners are not just talking about it but “being about it,” when it comes to their NO Tolerance policy against racism. Now the Clippers can go back to work knowing that they play in association that supports their rights to play there, and there fans rights “Black People” to be there. Donald Sterling (babbling idiot) Band for life, so I guess V. Stiviano can continue to bring her “Black friends” to the games because they are no longer “your” games. Thank you Magic Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Lebron James and the Clipper Players for standing-up for your people and what’s right. You too Snoop and Lil’ Wayne! I saw your Instagrams. Oh don’t forget not to buy any Clipper merchandise until there is a new owner.

Chris Schauble – Search for his Biologicals

I don’t know if you followed his search, but Chris Schauble the Channel 5 Morning Newscaster, has been on a 6-month search to find his biological parents. He is an African-American male who grew up in a Caucasian family. A family that was obviously loving and who he loves in return. Long story short he is able after a six-month search to locate his father who is deceased and his biological Mom.

It was so honest and loving…I’m not adopted but it touch my heart. He didn’t leave anything out. His biological dad was a WWII vet, but he was also a heavy drinker and at one time had a murder charge against. But his brother who was so welcoming and loving also said he was no-nonsense. And he obviously love this man. Then he meets his Mom, and she just got me. You could tell she was obviously impressed with the man he’d become. But she was also looking forward to the day when she would see her son and know that he was okay. She said she wasn’t in a good place, and her life was hectic, nothing she was proud of. It was just so heartfelt. If you haven’t seen it go to and watch. Oh yeah they said something like 30 people had been encouraged and found matches for their birth parents. Not negating any of the love he has for his adoptive parents who are obviously phenomenal people. It was great to see the genuine love that his birth-mother still held for him.

Honest Cops – Aspiring Producer Shot by Sheriff Deputies

My heart goes out to the family of John Winkler; the young producer who was accidentally killed yesterday by Sheriff deputies. Definitely gone to soon. Here is my but, I appreciate and commend the officers for coming forth and admitting,they made a tragic mistake. No dragging the families through additional heartache and grief. But standing up together and saying we made a horrific mistake, and we are sorry. They have a hard job, and believe me, I am probably one of the last people in the state to give them credit. But when you do something right, in spite of this tragic situation, I have to acknowledge your integrity. Again my thoughts and prayers for the family. Say Something L.A.

Is it that you’re comfortable or is it that you’re rude

In the business place should there be a rule that states that in mix company, English be spoken to avoid English-only people from being left out. Or should it just be accepted that people that people who speak a second language lapse into their native tongue because it’s what is most comfortable for them, even in mixed company.

One side of the argument is that well we live in America, and English is the National language. It’s rude and exclusive to speak any language other than English when you are in mixed company (meaning that there are English speaking individuals in your area.)

The people who are speaking in their chosen language have said, that they don’t mean to exclude anyone, it’s just that they are more comfortable, it’s a subconscious choice, and not meant to be offensive.

I think the answer to this one is somewhere in the middle. Many times it is just what is comfortable for the individual, and it is not his/her intent to offend or exclude anyone, but then sometimes…It is. What I know is that we have to try and be more tolerant and accepting of people. Even when it looks like there not being accepting of you. Say Something L.A.