The Screen Guilders Award Picks

The Wolf of Wall Street, I saw it but I’m sorry it just was not this over the top story of this shark on Wall Street, that wowed me. Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps, Wall Street with Michael Douglas, I enjoyed more. Maybe I’m just over Wall Street films. I can be wrong, what do you think L.A.

Dallas Buyers Club 0 This movie is so well done. And Mathew McConaughey is freaking awesome in this role, maybe he is just a great actor because he “murders” this role. I mean the whole concept of the movie has you thinking on so many levels. The story is dark but the film is great.

12 Years of Slave – I think I commented on this film before. Directed by Steve McQueen. With Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael K. Williams. The realisms in this movie were outstanding but again it’s so dark it physically hurt to watch. So in that evoke so much emotion. Good film

“Lee Daniels…The Butler” was fricking awesome, the acting, the story line, everything. I don’t know what “the judges or whatever” or looking for. It was ridiculous not to recognize this cast.

August Osage County – There is a reason Meryl Streep is nominated for so many awards. She is freaking AWESOME. And Julia Roberts…WOW!

“Captain Phillips, – The dynamics of this movie are awesome. So, good, Tom Hanks is awesome of course. I mean really this dude has the acting thing down. Barkhad Abdi this guy was so good in this role, I don’t know if they went out and found him or what, but he was great, and Faysal Ahmed, besides being fine as hell, couldn’t have played any dam crazier. Anyways you want to see this one L.A.

American Hustle, Gravity” and I’ll update. I’m sorry L.A. I don’t think I’m going to be able to sit through Philomena


I couldn’t let this day past without acknowledging this day that celebrates the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I think if he was here today. He would say we have gone to sleep on the dream. He would say wake up, our communities and children need us. We have done great things, but there is still work to do. I think he would say that we need to stop being complacent and comfortable, and make your life about something more than just keeping a roof over your head. I think he would say their is no time to waste, that today is the day. Maybe…what do think L.A.

Happy New Year L.A.!

It’s been a minute L.A. Happy 2014! I hope you enjoyed your holidays. I know I did, I attended the Jay Z,  Magna Carta World Tour. The concert was FIRE! My family is crazy, cool. Football games, good food, good times. Oh, and I picked up that “Beyoncé,” and Target does not have to carry Queen “B,” because she carried her self. Number one – three weeks in a row! And She did that! Download or go get it. Best Buy or Walmart all day. Enough about the Carters, I went to the movies and Idris Elba in “The Long Walk to Freedom” is freakin awesome! Naomie Harris does a fabulous job, as well. Great movie, you guys should check it out. I wish you all the very best, that’s it L.A.