Charles Ramsey! The way he said it?

Charles Ramsey is the neighborhood round the way guy that helped Amanda Berry escape her 10 year imprisonment at the hands of a sadistic rapist. Castro is reported to have kidnapped and brutally raped three young women for the past ten years right under their neighbor’s noses. Mr. Ramsey gave a very descriptive account of him being outside enjoying his Mickey D’s and hearing this young woman, going crazy trying to get out of a house. He kicked the bottom of the door out, allowing her crawl out. She was not only able to call the police and save herself, but got help for the other young women who had been taken prisoners as well.  Charles Ramsey lived in the neighborhood about year, and they (the young girls)  had been there for ten. The young women were tortured and raped and the police were called but didn’t thoroughly investigate, nor did the neighbors that call them question what they saw anymore.

But, Mr. Ramsey went to the door, he investigated and he took action. He was a little nervous being African-American and she being a young white girl, but that didn’t stop him from helping her. So, don’t worry so much about how he looked or the way he said what he said. He was just and ordinary man who did an extraordinary deed.  and, whether the police want to admit or not Ms. Berry was very courageous but Mr. Ramsey is a hero. Well done Mr.  Ramsey!