ANGL not impressed!

I visited this little store two or three times, but I’m done. Their personnel sucks! Their clothes are trendy, and that’s cool, but their return policy, and the way they present it to you, makes me believe they do not stand behind their product. I can understand their sale items, but not regular product. So they say Return Policy, No Refund, and all of this is 14 days from the date of purchase. I purchase a shirt, they still carry in their store and washed it once, small hole. But I can’t return it. We go in to the store purchase a dress regular, the non-smiling store clerk oh this is final sale. Why… it’s not on sale, oh that’s just our policy. So you know what, they can keep their cheap little clothes, go to Forever 21 same quality, and you’re not paying as much. L.A. I wouldn’t shop here; their customer service is the worse. Say Something LA.