Ray Rice and Now Adrienne Peterson

I love football! But Whatdahell! Okay, I can see Ray Rice being suspended indefinitely. His actions not acceptable, he was all the way wrong, and has to be held accountable. But, Adrienne Peterson for disciplining his son with according to a Texas Grand Jury a “Tree Branch or a switch,” now for me a branch is more like a limb where a switch is more like a twig, it does really hurt, but is not known to cripple or kill. Do I think people should refrain from using a switch on their children, Yes! But, it’s very common, in that area of the states. This NFL commissioner Goodell is an overreaction and way too much. And then Ben Rothlisberger is accused of rape (2X), and on the second one he gets a four game suspension a little unbalanced on the justice side. For A.P. I could see mandatory classes, and being made to use a different tactic of discipline on his children. But so many dads take no interest in their children and eventually end up in the system. I’m not condoning his methods but disciplining his kid, that’s normal. Talk to me L.A., I know some of us don’t believe in physical punishment of children, but some of us are okay with it, I would even go so far to say, some of you that don’t, you should consider it. A little tap now may avoid a beat down by the police later.

No Good Deed

It is so good, pay attention once he gets out, everything matters! Idris is so scary, crazy. Everytime Taraji screamed or jumped, I did too. We usually don’t let strangers in the house, but I could see how that might happen. But for damm sho after seeing it, “You Cannot Use My Phone.” Great flip to the story near the end. I enjoyed the movie immensely. Did you see it, if so SaySomethingLA.