Death by Police Part 2: Black Lives Still Matter

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Back to Back is how it seemed to happen this time. July 5, 2016. In Baton Rouge, La. Alton Sterling was out on his grind, selling pirated DVDs, in front of a local store. When the police got this disturbance call, saying a homeless person had been threatened. The Store owner Abdulla Muflahi said and from the video captured, we can SEE the officer stick a gun to his chest and then we can HEAR if you move…I swear to God, and then lights out for Mr. Sterling. The store owner, Abdullah Muflahi, told the newspaper, he was not holding his gun or touching his pockets during the incident. The gun was later found in his pocket. Muflahi said he hurried up and put his phone in his pocket, because he didn’t want the police to take it from him. In the video you can see Mr. Sterling’s hands are pinned to his sides, after the killing, you see one of the officers in the video roll off of Mr. Sterling. They kept Mr. Muflahi in the back of police car for 2 hours, and they took his store video surveillance without his permission or a search warrant. Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II are on paid leave. L.A. (Los Angeles) did you see the way Sterling’s 15-year old son, he just sobbed and cried out for his Dad. It was soooo heartwrenching.

St. Paul, Minnesota (St. Anthony) – Philando Castile on July 6, 2016 was killed by police officer, Jeronimo Yanez. He panicked and shot into a car with a female passenger, and a little four-year old girl in the back seat. He says, I told him to put his hands up, and the female passenger, Diamond Reynolds who was able to record some of what occurred, says “no sir, you told him to get his license and registration.” And then she tells the officer you shot his arm off. L.A….I don’t understand what happened in the aftermath, the delay in getting the paramedics…After being removed from the car, Diamond Reynolds is crying out in to the live stream in the back of police car, but heartbreaking her little four-year old daughter says “its okay, I’m right here with you.” And Mr. Castile is pronounced dead at 9:37 p.m. Over a busted tail light, I can’t.

Dallas Texas – July 7, 2017 Micah X Johnson -During what started out as a peaceful Black Life Matters protest, took an action that would leave 9 wounded and 5 police officers murdered. Micah used tactics learned in the military to deal a death blow, leaving children without fathers, parents without their sons, and wives without their husbands. It was reported by David Brown a Black Police Chief from Dallas, that Micah wanted to kill white people, white police officers, and he had bombs planted. The Dallas Police Department tried to negotiate, but in the end used a robot to blow Micah up. This too is tragic. All of those lives lost including Micah’s it’s so sad.

But, here we are in 2016. I spoke to 10 of my African-American male relatives, and I ask them, have you ever been stop by the police? And, if so did you feel it was it justified. My relatives live in big cities, and some smaller cities, they live or lived in cities like Houston, Chicago, Ardmore, Los Angeles, Dallas, all over. But, they all had been stopped. Some of them had been stopped for speeding, and they were okay with that. However, what they weren’t okay with was getting pulled over in Delaware for no apparent reason, being questioned like a criminal and then the Officer when he finished harassing him, walking away like that was okay. They’re not okay with they fit the description of robbery suspects, or they look suspicious, or getting followed home and harassed in their own driveway, a “You fit the description.” These are professional guys, not bangers. Each time these Black Men know these traffic stops can go bad. This is not new, it just won’t stop. So, Black parents before they give their sons the keys, they are usually giving them the talk. These are the reasons for the other great divide. Something is very wrong when men of all walks of life are constantly being profiled, and stopped and checked, and slammed on top of hoods, suspected of this and that, and more and more MURDERED because, they were selling loosies, CDs, are they fit the description, or just walking, or just driving, because they are African-American. And I’m not going to put the N.Y. Overseers’ name in my post, but trust and believe we do address Black on Black crime.

However, we work and pay taxes, taxes that probably pay your salary for you to “Protect and to Serve,” so I don’t think it’s too much to ask that you don’t kill us! In school believe or not they told us that if we ever got in trouble to find a police officer, we learned about the constitution and our inalienable rights that don’t seem to apply to us.

Most Americans are tired of all the senseless killings. The Black Lives that you take without seemingly a second thought, hurt real people. Family, Commuity we cannot become that we profess to be against. Police officers to please take time to get to know the people in the community you serve. You’ll find great people live there!

South Carolina Teen Body-Slammed by Policeman in Classroom!

I watched this story a few times to try to figure out whatdaf$@! happened. So, I read that an African-American female student from Spring Valley high school refused to surrender her cell phone, refused to leave class, and refused to go with the Administrator. A classmate said the administrator pleaded with her to go, she also said the student was pleading to stay, saying she only looked at her cell phone quickly. The student refused to leave with the administrator so he/she called in Deputy Ben Fields. And that’s when stuff went South. So according to this student, Deputy Fields ask her if she was going to move and when she said “No, I haven’t done anything wrong” that’s when the deputy went ballistic.

Now on tape we see Deputy Fields of the Richland County sheriff Department, pull her arm, she does pull back, he then grabs some where around her neck area, she does swing at him twice (missing). He flips the whole desk over with her in it, drags her across the floor by her arms, and arrests her. The other students (children) in the class sat with stunned looks on their faces. One young girl did speak up and was arrested for her actions. I’ve watched, watched and re-watched this video. She was wrong she should have given her phone over or went to the office, here’s the but you are a man, trained-professional, flipping the desk over with the student in it. Way too much! I really don’t know if the dude is racist or just shouldn’t be around young people, people at ALL! Did you see it L.A…Say Something, what you think.

Update on the Officer Howard Morgan Case – Commuted Sentence

Thank you to departing Illinois Governor Pat Quinn for doing the almost right thing. If you remember SaySomethinL.A. posted about this case last year. Howard Morgan was a detective assigned to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad. When he was driving home from his job at 12:45 a.m. on February 21. He was driving on the wrong side of the street three Chicago Police Officers were involved they shot this man 28 times. The only witness to the crime said he never fired his weapon, his hands were behind his back when the shooting started. In addition to the 28 bullets there were several more to his van. The police photographs show Mr. Morgan’s lights were on! Morgan was found not guilty of battery and discharging a fire arm. Yet a retrial he was found guilty and sentenced to 40 years. And the prosecuting attorney a Dan Groth said he earned every bullet. Well “Thank God!” for everyone that knew this was a tragedy and spoke out. Thank you Governor Pat Quinn, even if you did wait until you were leaving office, for doing the almost RIGHT Thing. Initially I thought Govenor Quinn pardoned him, but I guess he’s not that “Stand up.” Once again, I do know there are good police officers in the world but the bad ones like Timothy Finley, John Wrigley, Eric White, and Nicolas Olsen, what awful terrible human beings. I hope you are in some way prosecuted to the fullest extent of the very laws you have violated.

Black Life Matters: Protest Death by Police

No charges will be filed, No Indictment. Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Ezell Ford, Luis Rodriguez all unarmed Black men that died at the hands of the police in just the last 3 to 4 months.

Ferguson – Mike Brown: Dorian Johnson, Michael Brady, Piaget Crenshaw, Tiffany Mitchell, Phillip Walker, Emanuel Wilson all told similar stories. Struggle at the car, a shot fired at the car, he runs shots continue, he stops turns around hands up, shots continue until he is dead. Darren Wilson, no charges, grand jury will not indict. Dorian Johnson says he did not reach for the officers gun at all. Construction worker in a recording obtained  by CNN says “He had his f*ck!n hands up.”

L.A. – Ezell Ford: An unarmed Black man dies at the hands of police. Reported to have been shot three times in the back by L.A.P.D on a “investigative stop.” This happened just days after the Mike Brown shooting in August, but for some reason the autopsy has not been made available to the public.

Staten Island – Eric Garner: Dies for supposedly selling “loosies” according to the police. Now in a recording by a citizen it was said he had just broken up a fight. And you see Eric a big guy surrounded by at first 2 then 3, 4, 5 officers. Daniel Pantaleo goes behind Mr. Garner and gets him in chokehold (that is against department policy). The 3 to 4 officers take him to the ground and Pantaleo continue to put pressure around his neck and minutes later he’s dead. Pantaleo quote: It is never my intention to harm anyone and I feel very bad about the death of Mr. Garner.” If that is the case then why did you not let up on the pressure when you and fellow officers were on his back. The media keep saying how big he was, but he is on the ground and everyone can hear his dying words. “I can’t breath.”

South Carolina – Lemar Johnson: State trooper – Stops dude for no seatbelt, and ask for his license and registration. Lemar turns to comply. And officer Sean Groubert snaps and as Lemar turns around starts shooting. He shot at bro four times, and what are there like six shots in the gun. Luckily for Lemar, trooper Groubert is not that great of a shot, and he was shot but he survived. But South Carolina got it right, that let Groubert’s stupid ass go.

I know there are some good police officers out there. It’s rare that we in the Black and Brown Community get to see you, but we know you’re there. And I know your job is hard, but this is the job you signed up for, not every black man you see is out to do something criminal. The American people pay your salaries and we want you to uphold the law. We are not interested in criminals getting away with breaking the law. But stealing or selling a cigarettes is not a crime punishable by death. These men are not above the law, but then neither are you. Regards to the young people of all colors who are continue to protest and demand justice. Black Life Matters. Say Something L.A. It’s too much, and something has to change.

Oscar Pistorius Sentencing – Shame on Judge Masipa!

Okay, I meant to holla at y’all about Oscar Pistorius aka “Tink-Tink,” earlier. I’m sure you saw Oscar Pistorius attempt to compete against them brothers in the Olympics, but you know they wasn’t having none of that. Johannesburg, South Afrika, where have we heard of that place before… Oh yeah “APARTHEID.” Sorry, I digress.

So this well-off spoiled rich-man (27-year old) Oscar Pistorius gets upset with his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp and murders her while she’s in his bathroom. Dude says he thought she was a burglar. Usually, I try to stay neutral, but I don’t believe that $#!+ at all. Like she wasn’t in his house earlier. Neighbor’s said they were arguing and this dude is like “I thought it was a burglar. Do you think he did not hear her scream out, he knew what he was doing. I’m sorry I can’t do it. (9mm 4 shots –3 hit the victim) She knew this killer, three months and probably planned to leave his sorry ass.

The Steenkamp family they don’t seem to have the money power, that the Pistorius family has. Judge Masipa says something like it was about achieving the right balance, a long sentence would lack mercy. FOR WHO…for Ms. Steenkamp’s family, for the person that he killed. She was a person, somebody’s daughter, a cousin, a friend. He and his family all but smiled when that stupid ass sentence came out. Judge Masipa stated “It would be a sad day for this country if an impression was created that there is one law for the poor and disadvantaged and another for the rich and famous.” Well, It is a very “SAD” day! Five years for her life, and he may serve 10-months house arrest. Shame on you, Judge Masipa, shame on you! Say whatever you want L.A.

Ray Rice and Now Adrienne Peterson

I love football! But Whatdahell! Okay, I can see Ray Rice being suspended indefinitely. His actions not acceptable, he was all the way wrong, and has to be held accountable. But, Adrienne Peterson for disciplining his son with according to a Texas Grand Jury a “Tree Branch or a switch,” now for me a branch is more like a limb where a switch is more like a twig, it does really hurt, but is not known to cripple or kill. Do I think people should refrain from using a switch on their children, Yes! But, it’s very common, in that area of the states. This NFL commissioner Goodell is an overreaction and way too much. And then Ben Rothlisberger is accused of rape (2X), and on the second one he gets a four game suspension a little unbalanced on the justice side. For A.P. I could see mandatory classes, and being made to use a different tactic of discipline on his children. But so many dads take no interest in their children and eventually end up in the system. I’m not condoning his methods but disciplining his kid, that’s normal. Talk to me L.A., I know some of us don’t believe in physical punishment of children, but some of us are okay with it, I would even go so far to say, some of you that don’t, you should consider it. A little tap now may avoid a beat down by the police later.

The Immigration Situation

L.A. what’s really going on! The people are at the border in Murrietta trying to turn around buses of people. And the people in Texas are like, we are not processing these illegals send them to California. I’m actually torn on this one, because I think there is already a process for coming in to the U.S. legally, and real honest I think about my tax dollars, and my own economic struggle. But, yes there is a but, I’m a Mom, and if I saw a chance to get to a place where my baby (She’s grown)could be safe, I’d probably take that chance. Especially if she was in harm’s way. On the other hand I’ve heard stories of people who have lived in this country all their lives, worked and paid taxes but their illegal. And it was also said that if these immigrants get deported and they were raised here, they go back, they are targeted, they don’t survive. But, here’s the on the other hand, L.A. is overcrowded, the people who are already here are struggling to find jobs. And the people say they don’t even respect our laws, they broke the law to get here. The solution is somewhere in middle, I hope for the best compromise. Say Something L.A., What do you think?