Dr. Tabassian “the dancing doctor”

My Sisters and I visited the KJLH Women’s Health Forum. I enjoyed a massage from this wonderful brother name Michael, and purchased “A Touch of Shea” (Mango, Olive Oil, and Vitamin E) smells really good.

But the best part of my visit was belly dancing with Dr Tabassian. She was wonderful, the presentation and the dance, left me feeling recharged. So, I’m saying yes to her truly reasonable book “My dance to Life.”  Dr T. is amazing!

42 is a Winner!

42 is a winner, If you haven’t seen this movie, Check it out! Don’t wait, it’s a great movie, you won’t be disappointed.

Realistic and just so many understanding moments in this film, with the undercurrent of  a true love story. “Big Ups,” the whole freaking cast but especially, Chadwick Boseman, Harrison
Ford, and Nichole Beharie. Kudos to Brian Hegleland.