Symbols of Hate

The confederate flag and the German swastika (same thing) are symbols of hatred. They represent the oppression and exclusion of an entire group of people. I don’t understand Americans in 2015 that want to promote hatred. It’s so backwards for people in a country as progressive as the United States to maintain such and ignorant position. You really have to be concerned for some of the youth in the South, when they say things like “Here in the South, you either stand with us or you’re against us.” WHAAAT! This is the UNITED STATES OF A-MER-I-CA. I’m repulsed by your ignorance. Way past stupid. What’s your take L.A….Go ahead and say something?

One thought on “Symbols of Hate”

  1. In regards to the confederate flag, it is also the mark of traitors, terrorists and a group of people who refuse to learn how to use the cotton gin. It is no different than the flag of ISIL and it should not be a part of any state or federal government’s identity. With that being said, if anyone wants to buy confederate flag memorabilia from their local backwoods department store, they should have that right. Please understand anyone who does display or wear the confederate flag will be judged accordingly though.
    On a side note, I appreciate Bubba Watson’s sentiment, but I‘m not entirely sure I would I have painted over the flag if I had the General Lee (I might jump it off a cliff to see the explosion though), as he nor the car is government affiliated and it is more of a museum piece as oppose to the car Bubba drives when he goes grocery shopping. Of course I understand the need keep a symbol of oppression in perspective. I would like Andre Ice Cold 3000 Benjamin’s commentary on the situation.
    Stay safe L.A. peoples

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