A Conversation About Baby Messiah

I heard about this from some young friends. A Tennessee Judge Ballew of Cocke County (yeh that’s the name of the county) changed Messiah’s name to Martin. Martin’s a nice name, but Messiah means in English “anointed one.” Savior or liberator is the common dictionary definition. This is the United States of America, the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, really in my opinion should cover Jaleesa Martin’s right to name her son as she pleases.

There are children name: Apple, Blue, North, Jesus (Jesus – the central figure of Christianity)…I could go on. There is nothing wrong with any of those names, the names are special in some way to the family of those children.

Moreover, according to information we found on-line some state’s don’t require names at all, some don’t allow epithets or symbols. Some like Massachusetts according to the information online, you can be named any composition of characters that are found on the a standard American keyboard ($, #, *, can be your name).

However, one of the best things about this great country, are the Freedoms that are guaranteed us, that we enjoy. I think Judge Ballew decision will be overturned. So, Messiah is Messiah, and not Martin. Talk to me L.A.!

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