Trey Songz at the Kodak on 7/28/14…Awesome!

This is why “We Love L.A.,” so my niece is in her social media zone, and drives from Long Beach to Hollywood, probably in traffic cause she heard Trey will be there. So, I’m hearing about this second-hand, she’s got iPhone video and everything of how close she sat, and you can hear the crowd screaming in the background, and she is EXCITED. Here it where it get’s good (in one breath), “Auntie he was only slated to do, three songs, he stayed on for almost 2 hours, taking requests, just singing to us, until they literally kicked him off the stage.” She was so hyped, that the energy and happiness was contagious. It was like I was there with her. So, Trey Songz, very impresseive! Her word “So, Awesome!” Were you there L.A…Say something.

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