Saint Louis Police Department—Shameful!

Re-published – Near Death by Police

I’m so tired of pretending like it’s not that bad, when I know it really is just that bad. Black men and women all over the country being accosted or worse killed at the hands of the police officers. I didn’t want to blog another incident. But you have to say something L.A. on incidents where 44-year old Bernard Scott arrested for traffic violations and ends up in a coma.

St. Louis Police blocked paramedics (they called) from taking him to emergency for abdominal pains and bleeding. It was reported that a police officer who had already changed in to his street clothes to accompany the inmate, was shut down by his supervisor. Paramedics from Northeast Fire Protection District begged the police to allow the transport but were flatly refused. Paramedics were called back just fourteen minutes later, and the St. Louis Police department claimed that Mr. Scott had hung himself in his cell with a shoestring.

Lies! And Mr. Scott lived to speak about it, basically saying why would he hang himself over traffic tickets. This is so ridiculous L.A., I had to Say Something. You should Say Something too.