Howard Morgan – If this was your Father, Brother, Son

I was wondering what happenend to Howard Morgan – Forty years for being an African American male in the Chicago. The price he paid forty years. Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, and countless others their lives. Read on and sign the petition.

Part of the Chicago Police Departments mission says “The Chicago Police Department, as part of, and empowered by, the community, is committed to protect the lives, property, and rights of all people, to maintain order, and to enforce the law impartially.”

I’m sure they have some outstanding police officers on their force. But they have four that are less than scum and have no character or integrity. Mr. Morgan was an ex Chicago Police Officer, and at the time a current Railway officer when a most horrific nightmare begin. Now both parties agree he was driving down a one-way street the wrong way. (I have inadvertently turned down a one way street, but I would hope it wouldn’t cost my life or leave me disable) Now, I know the job of a police officer is dangerous and it is very hard. However, that does not give them the license to kill. And that’s what these four decided to do.

It is reported that no forensic was performed to determine if Mr. Morgan’s weapon was even fired.
It is reported that they fired 106 rounds, Mr. Morgan was hit 28 times, and 21 of those shots were to his back.

He was acquitted of all charges including firing his weapon except for attempted murder, which the first jury deadlocked on. The District Attorney’s office chose to retry this case and with jury instruction against hearing several facts of the case, a second jury found him guilty, a 40-year sentence. L.A., I can’t tell you how much this upsets my spirit, my heart aches b/c of the injustice these 4 were able to get away with. Stand up and go to the Free Howard Morgan page and sign the petition. These 4 obviously have not read the mission of the CPD, either that or they don’t care what it says. CPD don’t let these 4 reflect who you are as a department. Don’t wait for someone you love to be hurt. Do Something L.A., go to and sign the petition.