South Carolina Teen Body-Slammed by Policeman in Classroom!

I watched this story a few times to try to figure out whatdaf$@! happened. So, I read that an African-American female student from Spring Valley high school refused to surrender her cell phone, refused to leave class, and refused to go with the Administrator. A classmate said the administrator pleaded with her to go, she also said the student was pleading to stay, saying she only looked at her cell phone quickly. The student refused to leave with the administrator so he/she called in Deputy Ben Fields. And that’s when stuff went South. So according to this student, Deputy Fields ask her if she was going to move and when she said “No, I haven’t done anything wrong” that’s when the deputy went ballistic.

Now on tape we see Deputy Fields of the Richland County sheriff Department, pull her arm, she does pull back, he then grabs some where around her neck area, she does swing at him twice (missing). He flips the whole desk over with her in it, drags her across the floor by her arms, and arrests her. The other students (children) in the class sat with stunned looks on their faces. One young girl did speak up and was arrested for her actions. I’ve watched, watched and re-watched this video. She was wrong she should have given her phone over or went to the office, here’s the but you are a man, trained-professional, flipping the desk over with the student in it. Way too much! I really don’t know if the dude is racist or just shouldn’t be around young people, people at ALL! Did you see it L.A…Say Something, what you think.

Michael Brown…Too many times!

How many times…he was attacking me, every time the police kill a young African-American male, or whoever else decides to take a shot. We were scared, we thought he had a gun. He was from a different side of town. I want what he had. How many times. It’s freaking ridiculous. To think that as a young black man, you could probably be placed on on the endangered species list. I know everything in life is not perfect, but these Mom’s are burying their children, their sons, and people are saying that’s so sad, and going on like it’s just another day. IT IS NOT OKAY! Not at all. Where do I start. How do I make a difference. How do we stop this. How do we make you comfortable. Make you see us as people. Here’s an idea, treat people like you want to be treated. Do unto others…