Oscars to Boycott or Not

Chris Rock is scheduled to host the Oscars and many are calling for him to step down. He is probably under contract, so I really don’t see him doing that. The question was posed to Super Star Tyrese Gibson, and I have to say I was very impressed with his very passionate response regarding the issue. So now a co-worker ask me what I thought: she said “do you think Black people should get an award “just because their Black?” (I really thought how ignorant is that) Of course, I don’t think that just because, but I most certainly think that as minorities we should have the opportunity to win. Now, see I thought and told her, she should also be a little affronted because their aren’t any Asians, Latinos, Native Americans or anyone other than one race of people represented at the Oscars. Honestly, I am really not that impressed with what the great White people of the Academy think. And Black people hold your dollars that is what makes us count. I decide what I like and support what I want. So, what do you think L.A. Should we be concerned, Say something at SaySomethingLA.com

My Take on the Oscars – For once it came out right!

Congratulations to Matthew McConaughey. Awesome work! I had no idea, what Dallas Buyers Club was about, but it looked good, and I like Matthew so I watched it. This dude was “grimy awesome,” in his portrayal of this very heterosexual male that contracts AIDS, and in a fight for his life, prolongs many others. If you haven’t seen this movie definitely see it. Just a phenomenal performance.

Lupita Nyong’o Congratulations! Her acceptance speech was awesome. I saw “Twelve Years a Slave” but the portrayal was so real, I can not put in to words the emotions it evoked. But you were great, and very deserving of the Oscar so congratulations again.