Robin Williams – Michael Brown

Robin Williams died on August 11, 2014 of an apparent suicide, he was 63 years old. Everyone loved Mr. Williams, he was so funny. Great movies and “Mork and Mindy.” His current wife said it was the drugs he had to take for Parkinson’s disease that caused him to fall into a deeper depression. Many are mourning his passing including me. But, it was at his own hands, and in a way in his own time. Michael Brown died on August 9, 2014 of gunshot wounds from an officer involved shooting. He was eighteen years old, and he did something wrong he bullied a store keeper and stole some cigars. And then a police officer came upon him, and there was some type of altercation, and this young African-American male died, unarmed six gunshot wounds. Four in the right arm and two in the head. Witness said his hands were up, and he said don’t shoot. This happened in Missouri and there has been civil unrest everyday. It just seems like Trayvon Martin all over again. I am actually proud of the people in Ferguson, and around the country for speaking out, saying “NO” you can not just shoot our sons down in the street. Michael Brown should not have taken anything from that store, but people do things when they’re young, that when they are older they say I was stupid, I shouldn’t have done that. It was stupid. Michael Brown won’t get to do that. He should have got to leave this world in his own time. What do you think L.A….

Michael Brown…Too many times!

How many times…he was attacking me, every time the police kill a young African-American male, or whoever else decides to take a shot. We were scared, we thought he had a gun. He was from a different side of town. I want what he had. How many times. It’s freaking ridiculous. To think that as a young black man, you could probably be placed on on the endangered species list. I know everything in life is not perfect, but these Mom’s are burying their children, their sons, and people are saying that’s so sad, and going on like it’s just another day. IT IS NOT OKAY! Not at all. Where do I start. How do I make a difference. How do we stop this. How do we make you comfortable. Make you see us as people. Here’s an idea, treat people like you want to be treated. Do unto others…