L.A. Gang Challenge – Killing People, Senseless!

Los Angeles County has some beautiful weather and beautiful cities. But, we also have a gang problem. Some young people are born in to gangs. Some choose to join and their jumped in to the gang, and they rep their hoods like they actually own the block. I’ve met gang members that are intelligent and polite individuals. And yet some gang members (no gang in particular) become murderers. Taking the lives of young children who are not even associated with gangs. Killing young fathers that have no gang ties, young men who were just on the way to school, just going to work, hanging out with their children.

I know some guys that have a part of normal family nucleus and join gangs. And some that are in “dysfunctional” or one parent households that don’t go near gangs. I know that the streets can be a powerful attraction, but murdering people you don’t even know, tearing some Mother’s heart out, destroying families. People that have the same issues you do. I remember one youngster saying “you sound like my Mom,” and I said and she loves you (and he agreed). I have to ask why L.A?

To the gang members (no gang in particular) I would say Love yourself, Value yourself. I would say, please STOP this. You deserve to do so much more with your life.
Say Something L.A. What do think about this senseless challenge to just kill 100 people.