Affluenza My A$$

How do you get probation, for choosing to get drunk and murdering four innocent people. Be rich, and live in Texas. It’s ridiculous. And the defense “Affluenza,” you are so rich that your lawyer can go in to the courtroom, and say well your honor Ethan Couch is so rich, that his family never taught him any better. So please give him probation for killing Brian Jennings, a 43 year old Burleson Youth minister; Breanna Mitchell 24, Shelby Boyles, 21, and her Mom Hollie Boyles, 52. They weren’t as affluent as him, so he’s not responsible for their lives. Even 3 year-olds have a basic sense of right and wrong. Judge Jean Boyd said he needed rehab not prison, I think you can do rehab in prison. It was wrong, and their was no justice for these victims or their families. Say Something L.A.