Chris Schauble – Search for his Biologicals

I don’t know if you followed his search, but Chris Schauble the Channel 5 Morning Newscaster, has been on a 6-month search to find his biological parents. He is an African-American male who grew up in a Caucasian family. A family that was obviously loving and who he loves in return. Long story short he is able after a six-month search to locate his father who is deceased and his biological Mom.

It was so honest and loving…I’m not adopted but it touch my heart. He didn’t leave anything out. His biological dad was a WWII vet, but he was also a heavy drinker and at one time had a murder charge against. But his brother who was so welcoming and loving also said he was no-nonsense. And he obviously love this man. Then he meets his Mom, and she just got me. You could tell she was obviously impressed with the man he’d become. But she was also looking forward to the day when she would see her son and know that he was okay. She said she wasn’t in a good place, and her life was hectic, nothing she was proud of. It was just so heartfelt. If you haven’t seen it go to and watch. Oh yeah they said something like 30 people had been encouraged and found matches for their birth parents. Not negating any of the love he has for his adoptive parents who are obviously phenomenal people. It was great to see the genuine love that his birth-mother still held for him.