NY Commissioner Bratton Says Race had Nothing to Do With It!

Tennis Star James Blake, once ranked number four in the world as a professional player, was attacked by some of NYPD’s finest. Officer James Frascatore “slammed” Blake to the ground and handcuffed him in a case of mistaken identity. They had a witness, so without questioning him or asking him if they could speak with him, the policeman tackled him to the ground, and his brothers in blue helped him cover up what he did. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton says it wasn’t racially motivated. He fit the description the suspect “looks like the twin brother of Mr. Blake.” Well…he wasn’t his twin. The crime that he was allegedly suspected of was credit card theft not murder. So what warranted this man being thrown to the ground, without a word to him.

The police officer could have asked him some questions, possibly allowing him to provide you with his I.D. show you the U.S. Open card he had in his pocket. But according to Bratton, race had nothing to do with it. Eric Garner got choked to death for pedaling cigarettes. I guess we should THANK GOD you weren’t murdered. Bratton, says it wasn’t race related, but James Blake thought it was and he kept talking about it, which is the only reason the situation was addressed. There are some good police out there…somewhere. Race related, we can’t always say that’s the case, but a lot of times in urban communities, it fits the description. What do you think, SaySomethingLA.

Donald Trump for President, I don’t think so! #Leader for the G.O.P

Update: Donald Trump is leading the Republican party’s nominees in the poll at 34%

I know some of what he is saying is resonating with a lot of Americans, stronger border control, more jobs, restoring the United States to it’s global position, I get all of that! But the way he attacks Mexicans, Women, Muslims, and people in general says a whole lot about his character. And when he says things like “you don’t want to know what I would have done.” I want to reply actually I do. I don’t see attacking people with disabilities as a quality I want in a leader. And don’t you think it’s kind of weird how he attacks the Hispanic community and Muslim Community. When his first wife, had been in the country and had children and didn’t become a citizen until 1988, and his third wife didn’t become a citizen until 2006. It just seems some what hypocritical of someone who reportedly cheated on his first wife with his second to throw stones at other candidates marriages. I don’t know L.A., tell me your thoughts at SaySomethingLA.com

Previously blogged 7/2015
Well I don’t know why anyone is surprise. He may be rich and smart but look closely at this guy. His hair is swoop to the front with a flip, and honestly he has the eyes of one of the grand dragons of the Klan. (That’s just appearance I know) But, when you have a sixty-nine year old adult making generalizations about a whole entire race of people, that causes one to pause and ask what is really going on. The endorsements he’s losing probably want mean much, but people matter, and we can show him at the polls, that we are not about hatred and racism. What is your position L.A. Do you stand with or against “the Donald.”