Gone too Soon—Paul Walker

There are no words. I know his family and friends are so hurt, you can see it on their faces and hear it in their voices. But, God must’ve really needed him and his friend right now, and Heaven is supposed to be way better than this world… So, we just have to hold him in our hearts and be thankful that God shared him with us at all. I think the whole world is missing him. I know I do, and I’m just a fan.

12 Years a Slave

A story about a free black man during the “Antebellum” period in the United States, meaning before the civil war who was kidnapped into slavery. I’m one of those boomers that tell the Xrs and Millenniums that in order for us to successfully navigate the society we live in, you need to understand the struggle of your people. People that were undoubtedly survivors. And then I saw this movie, 12 Years a Slave. I groaned and cringed the whole time, and I could hear other people in the audience doing the same. We were wondering (and yes I’m going to speak for everyone) how any person calling themselves civilized could be so very, very, very cruel. It was graphic, and I know that still did not depict the true horrid tale of the Maafa. How the ancestors survived, “GOD”, that’s the only possible answer. I can’t imagine having to be afraid if not terrified of every second, of every minute, of every hour of every day. But, they persevered, survived, and we are strong. Should you see it…I know a lot of young people don’t like to watch or revisit that period. I don’t know, it was extremely hard to watch the suffering, the hopelessness, even if it was only a movie. But these stories need to be told. Let me know…Say Something L.A.

God helps those who do Work!

James 2:24 “You see then that by works, a man is justified, and not only by Faith.” I always tell people God helps those who do work, and yes you need faith too. I use to think it was in the Bible just that way, “God helps those who do work” I say that because I don’t believe in people sitting around waiting for their circumstances to change. Granted some things we do not have any control of, and unfortunately bad things happen to good people too. But please stop saying how you can’t find a job, when you won’t get off the couch. How you can’t find a good mate, when you constantly accept whatever comes along. You never have any fun. (I don’t know how that’s possible; you live in L.A.) My point, if you want to develop yourself, go back to school and learn something new. Find a job, go look everday have someone help you with your resume. Choose to be happy. Stop talking about it, and be about it. Why because…God helps those that DO WORK!

A Conversation About Baby Messiah

I heard about this from some young friends. A Tennessee Judge Ballew of Cocke County (yeh that’s the name of the county) changed Messiah’s name to Martin. Martin’s a nice name, but Messiah means in English “anointed one.” Savior or liberator is the common dictionary definition. This is the United States of America, the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, really in my opinion should cover Jaleesa Martin’s right to name her son as she pleases.

There are children name: Apple, Blue, North, Jesus (Jesus – the central figure of Christianity)…I could go on. There is nothing wrong with any of those names, the names are special in some way to the family of those children.

Moreover, according to information we found on-line some state’s don’t require names at all, some don’t allow epithets or symbols. Some like Massachusetts according to the information online, you can be named any composition of characters that are found on the a standard American keyboard ($, #, *, can be your name).

However, one of the best things about this great country, are the Freedoms that are guaranteed us, that we enjoy. I think Judge Ballew decision will be overturned. So, Messiah is Messiah, and not Martin. Talk to me L.A.!

42 is a Winner!

42 is a winner, If you haven’t seen this movie, Check it out! Don’t wait, it’s a great movie, you won’t be disappointed.

Realistic and just so many understanding moments in this film, with the undercurrent of  a true love story. “Big Ups,” the whole freaking cast but especially, Chadwick Boseman, Harrison
Ford, and Nichole Beharie. Kudos to Brian Hegleland.