2015 Taste of Soul—Los Angeles

The Taste was Awesome this year. If you never been, this is the year you should have gone. First KJLH DJ MarSki is a fool, so much fun! He keeps the party going! MON-I-CA was off the chain. She was giving it to the people. Angie Stone was great, and everybody loves them some Joe. Joe can sing anything and we’re going to love it. Mint Condition is the most awesome band ever to be a band. There were multiple stages 94.7 the Wave represented. Gospel singers and choirs “SANG.” The Police were out supporting the community…that’s a change, if you have an interest in Law Enforcement and a clean record, L.A.P.D is hiring. The Fire Department, Los Angeles County, So Cal Gas were all on hand for the Festival. Wells Fargo and Bank of America supported. Harold and Belle’s was there, umm good food all over the place. It was hot but the Snow Balls helped. There were so many artists and vendors…Wooh-Good Times. A good friend of mine said she just enjoyed being amongst our people and new vendors, her dentist even had a booth. What was your favorite event L.A. Talk to me at SaySomethingLA.com

Pope Francis Addresses the United States Congress….Issues, No?

Pope Francis of Rome, leader of 1.2 billion Catholics addressed the United States Congress in a joint session. His message was simple in that he feels the actions of the lawmakers of this country should restore and right wrongs, embrace immigrants, and promote the well being of peoples. Vice President Biden and Speaker of the House Boehner set behind him.

The pope used American Icons President Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King jr, Dorothy Day, and Thomas Merton who were leaders  through action to emphasize his statement. He said “the yardstick we use for others will be the yardstick which time will use for us.” He stated his position on traditional marriage and protecting life.

Honestly most of his speech was inspiring,…but Church and State are supposed to be separate, not that you can separate me from my lord and savior. But here’s the thing Pope Francis canonized Junipero Serra. That is to say he made him a Saint, this person who is responsible for the kidnapping and deaths of 62,000 Native people.

And, the little girl Sofia Cruz, maybe I’m mistaken, but I could have sworn she handed President Obama a letter regarding her dad before, not that it wasn’t touching her being blessed by the pope.

I’m a little conflicted by the pope and all he should stand for…But your thoughts L.A?