NY Commissioner Bratton Says Race had Nothing to Do With It!

Tennis Star James Blake, once ranked number four in the world as a professional player, was attacked by some of NYPD’s finest. Officer James Frascatore “slammed” Blake to the ground and handcuffed him in a case of mistaken identity. They had a witness, so without questioning him or asking him if they could speak with him, the policeman tackled him to the ground, and his brothers in blue helped him cover up what he did. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton says it wasn’t racially motivated. He fit the description the suspect “looks like the twin brother of Mr. Blake.” Well…he wasn’t his twin. The crime that he was allegedly suspected of was credit card theft not murder. So what warranted this man being thrown to the ground, without a word to him.

The police officer could have asked him some questions, possibly allowing him to provide you with his I.D. show you the U.S. Open card he had in his pocket. But according to Bratton, race had nothing to do with it. Eric Garner got choked to death for pedaling cigarettes. I guess we should THANK GOD you weren’t murdered. Bratton, says it wasn’t race related, but James Blake thought it was and he kept talking about it, which is the only reason the situation was addressed. There are some good police out there…somewhere. Race related, we can’t always say that’s the case, but a lot of times in urban communities, it fits the description. What do you think, SaySomethingLA.

One thought on “NY Commissioner Bratton Says Race had Nothing to Do With It!”

  1. I am in full concurrence with your statement in regards to the uncivil treatment of people of color in urban communities. They said the man they sought could have been James Blake’s twin. If that is so, to quell the public interest in this case NYPD should post the suspects picture; right? James Blake’s civil rights “were” violated. This man has means therefore, his voice gets heard. What happens to the man with no resources? I will tell you… his voice, his story falls on deaf ears and his story gets lost in the shuffle because none care to hear. Don’t get me wrong I “think” there are “some” very good police. Police whom get overshadowed and are not willing to violate the misdeeds of a partner or code of trust that exist within the FORCE. Police who have damaged the reality of public trust in the communities at large. And “I’m sorry ~ sending two police officers with some coloring books and a video or two for DARE discussions and presentations into schools is not a resolution to the cancer that permeates these urban communities and streets. What’s going to fix this is real accountability. Police that behave and act like thugs and criminals~believing they are above the law should be treated accordingly.” I’m just saying. I “believe” the demographics on the police force should be equitable nationwide thereby reducing nepotism and favoritism. I “think” the police force should be made up of individuals of all ethnic backgrounds and cultures. They should be distributed all over the country from the highest commission with a single agenda ” to protect and serve.”
    It’s what you do and what people see every day that matters more than what is done or said every once in a while to counter that which at times appears irreparable. Officers should be mentally healthy, educated in cultures, diversity and well trained in defense mechanisms that combat rather than attack. Officers on the street should engage not confront as is usually the behavior of those serving in urban communities. There should be an academy for officer training that is uniform nation wide with a curriculum, concentration and requirements being met to receive certification. It’s not just about James Blake the tennis star it’s about the mindset of a disease that resonates when it comes to people of color. And that’s what makes it so SAD

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