#SCarolina Shooting. They didn’t let you win.

Emmanuel A.M.E , Charleston SC – Nine dead at the hands of a 21 year-old coward, I refuse to acknowledge his name. I am so tired of this cowardice “I hate life,” so much let me find some people that have a life, to hurt. I can honestly tell you most African-American, Black people are not leading a charmed life. If we have any kind of socio-economic standing, we work so very hard not to just to get there, but to stay there. We’re not all looking for anybody to give us something. We are real human beings, people just trying to live.

Obviously you (21 year-old coward) don’t read. We have the highest unemployment rate, highest blood pressure, diabetes, stress level of any people on the planet, that’s from surviving. Is that why….you hate, because we, Black people are still standing, even after the Maafa, after reconstruction, after civil rights, after 440 years of BS, after all that… we are still standing, we’re still here. I think the whole community of South Carolina got it right again; they are worshipping, loving, and praying for healing together. You didn’t win coward. Love and Prayers to the people of Mother Emmanuel and the Charleston, South Carolina Community.

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