“Posing” Disingenuous, Unappreciative Raven Symone

Raven Symone a child star who basically gained notoriety appearing on African-American shows is now spewing negativity about the same ethnic group. She’s not African-American, she’s American. And to validate this she brings up her DNA test from Ancestry.com. “I am from every continent in Africa except for one, and I’m also from every continent in Europe except for one.” Well how about this, Africa is a continent and Europe is a continent. These continents are not made up of other continents. So if Ancestry.com told you that maybe you should get your money back.

Raven also chimed in supporting Rodner Figueroa’s negative comments about the first lady of the United States of American who happens to be African-American looking like animal, but you ha ha ha look like “a bird” …no, more like a baboon’s behind. You are an American, guess what the African-Americans are American too. Thank goodness you are not African-American. We are those genuine, loving, intelligent people who have given America BB’s jazz, Ella’s voice, the whole language and culture of Hip Hop and so much more. We, African-Americans have contributed much to this America, blood, sweat and tears. I get, you want to make yourself relevant in today’s tinsel town. But get this we are not missing a thing because you are not African-American.

Don’t Say Nothing L.A. this is all the pen, we give her. Unappreciative, disingenuous, poser.

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