South Carolina Actually Holds Officer Accountable for His Actions

A police officer in North Charleston, S.C., was charged with murder after a video surfaced showing him shooting in the back and killing an apparently unarmed African American man while the he ran away. Shooting someone has always been considered cowardly. It’s frightening to think that he is a trained officer, 33 years old, not small at all in stature could not take down a fifty-year old suspect.
The cop was White and the man that was murdered was Black. It’s almost seems like the Klan have police uniforms now. Officer Slager actually looks around after he kills Mr. Scott like did anybody see me. 5 shots, 4 in the back and one grazed his ear. I am frightened for Black men. It’s sad we represent 13% of the population, the murders of African-American men to any other race of men is ridiculous. The reason South Carolina Authorities doesn’t have a situation like Ferguson, New York, or Los Angeles right now is they at least acknowledged what they saw with their eyes on tape. Justice has to be for EVERYBODY. And the police as much as I try to respect the job they have to do, cannot be above the law they are sworn to uphold. Adjustments to the psychological testing need to be made, some type of screening to determine if they can be in a position that has that type of power. L.A. we see this type of treatment of minorities in the streets everyday, what do you think. Say Something L.A.

2 thoughts on “South Carolina Actually Holds Officer Accountable for His Actions”

  1. When I saw the video I cringed. What I saw was a police officer with the intent to kill. I wish I could say that justice has been served, but 4 kids lost their father while the murderer still lives and breathes. I can say it is slightly reassuring that South Carolina is prosecuting the officer for murder.

    1. I concur with the swift actions and acknowledgement of the Police Chief in South Carolina, in regard to the wrong doing by an officer under his charge. What is sad is the fact that the only reason he will be punished is because it was caught on tape and could not in any way be refuted. The one positive is police officers actions are “although” slowly becoming more transparent. What is sad is the fact that it is coming a bit late “after” the loss of so many that perhaps could and should have been avoided.

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