OU Gives Sigma Alpha Epsilon the Boot!

Saturday, March 7, was Founder’s Day for the University of Oklahoma. And on the way to a formal celebration Sigma Alpha Epsilon partied by chanting “There will never be an n—r in SAE, There will never be a n—r in SAE, you can swing from a tree, but you’ll never sign with me… and so on. They were outed by an African-American association on campus who sent the Daily Oklahoman the video. This was heavily dialogued about in my African American family. One of the frat members is the son of a very , close friend to one of my family members. How does one deal with that. Was it a terrible mistake or are you just upset you were caught and this is truly who you are.

If it is who you are, I’d rather you stick to that. If is not, I know that young people or people period, make mistakes. And thank goodness we have an opportunity to learn and grow from our mistakes. I mean every thing young people do is FACEBOOKED, Instagramed, SnapChatted, Vined, Tweeted and whatever else. And I get that, college is difficult, you’re way from home making decisions for yourself and it is not always easy. You want to fit in. But, I wonder… what this frat, this brotherhood could tell you that would overshadow your upbringing, what your parents taught you, what friends have shown you. I really want to know. Again, I know that everyone makes mistakes and if that is what this was for you, a mistake, this is very difficult lesson, this fire that you are walking through that will hopefully help you be better a person. It will take some time but it will get better.

That being said, I have to commend the swift action on the part of the OU, they “Shut it Down” literally. Kudos to OU’s President David Boren, who stated there is know room for racists and bigots here, and that the OU community is about respecting each other. To Erik Striker and the OU Football team way to stand up. Now, we all know that society is made up of all types of people, and therefore, racists are at all the schools Arizona State University-MLK Black Party, Texas University-Bleach balloons, Alabama Racist Snapchat, the list is too way long. But, know that there are good people out there, the person that turned over the tape to the Black Student Association was probably not African-American. So, even in that fraternity there are probably some good people. Well at least I think so, What do you think, Say Something L.A.

3 thoughts on “OU Gives Sigma Alpha Epsilon the Boot!”

  1. I do believe that there are good people in the world and I am all for second chances, but second chances should be given to people who make mistakes not people who are embarassed that they got caught. I see the latter. I saw a man chanting, enjoying, and passionate about what he was saying while others chanted along. If that’s how u feel then don’t appologize. You are a racist and u dont deserve to cop out and say it was a mistake.

  2. I agree with you a thousand percent! It’s crazy to think just how bad racism is, especially since I go to a university. I would can’t even imagine how the students of Oklahoma University feel. This situation if you ask me personally is unforgivable because as young adults we’re aware of what is morally right and wrong and we’re responsible for our decisions so I don’t feel as if an apology from them is heartfelt. I feel that they’re saying sorry because they have too, not because they’re actually sorry for their actions.

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