Brian Williams – Journalist: Second Chance, Y/N?

Recently, Brian Williams a journalists made an apology to some military personnel for sensationalized a story. We all know other journalists never do that! They never shade or outright lie when they are reporting a story. (Lies!) So as the story went Brian ( like I know him ) told viewers that he was onboard a helicopter that was forced down in Iraq. Well the soldiers that were actually onboard got on him. And said no you weren’t onboard, you were on the helicopter following. Mr. Williams should have never said that, he lied. So, he apologized, to the military and to his viewers. People  in the military, make mistakes, and in some cases that’s why they went to the military in the first place, for a 2nd chance. I will say that my respect for him dropped a tad. But on a scale from 1 to 10, I would still rate him a 7 as far as journalist go. The reporting he did for Hurricane Katrina, excellent, I understand, that’s now being fact checked.  But, multiple stations reported Katrina, he just did the best job.

I don’t really feel there is a journalist out there that has so much integrity that they are giving us the facts straight up. Even with this knock against him, I find him to be one of the more creditable journalists. So, I’m about second chances. He made a mistake. But , Mr. Williams if you are man enough to take accountability for your actions and be better going forward, a lot of people will stand by you. SaySomethingL.A. Would you give Mr. Williams a 2nd chance?

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