The Immigration Situation

L.A. what’s really going on! The people are at the border in Murrietta trying to turn around buses of people. And the people in Texas are like, we are not processing these illegals send them to California. I’m actually torn on this one, because I think there is already a process for coming in to the U.S. legally, and real honest I think about my tax dollars, and my own economic struggle. But, yes there is a but, I’m a Mom, and if I saw a chance to get to a place where my baby (She’s grown)could be safe, I’d probably take that chance. Especially if she was in harm’s way. On the other hand I’ve heard stories of people who have lived in this country all their lives, worked and paid taxes but their illegal. And it was also said that if these immigrants get deported and they were raised here, they go back, they are targeted, they don’t survive. But, here’s the on the other hand, L.A. is overcrowded, the people who are already here are struggling to find jobs. And the people say they don’t even respect our laws, they broke the law to get here. The solution is somewhere in middle, I hope for the best compromise. Say Something L.A., What do you think?

2 thoughts on “The Immigration Situation”

  1. Migration toward better living conditions has always been a part of the human story. Yet, somehow, we have been duped into believing that arbitrary lines on a map invalidate that instinct. Perhaps we have simply arrived at another one of those moments in history when we realize how absurdly out of sync our practices are with our professed ideal of all men having the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I won’t even pretend to have an answer for the current situation, but as a citizen of the “shining city on a hill”, I’m feeling a bit foolish for not being more prepared to welcome the people who are drawn to it.

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