Donald Sterling – Band for Life

Kudos to Mr. Silver, swift and decisive! Band for life, 2.5 million dollar fine, mostly the band demonstrates that the NBA owners are not just talking about it but “being about it,” when it comes to their NO Tolerance policy against racism. Now the Clippers can go back to work knowing that they play in association that supports their rights to play there, and there fans rights “Black People” to be there. Donald Sterling (babbling idiot) Band for life, so I guess V. Stiviano can continue to bring her “Black friends” to the games because they are no longer “your” games. Thank you Magic Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Lebron James and the Clipper Players for standing-up for your people and what’s right. You too Snoop and Lil’ Wayne! I saw your Instagrams. Oh don’t forget not to buy any Clipper merchandise until there is a new owner.

One thought on “Donald Sterling – Band for Life”

  1. This fool knows that he employs all these minorities and dates a minority and had the nerve to talk down about them. Good thing he and his wife agreed on a sell amount. Hopefully the next owner sheds a more positive light on people in those higher corporate and ownership roles.

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