Is it that you’re comfortable or is it that you’re rude

In the business place should there be a rule that states that in mix company, English be spoken to avoid English-only people from being left out. Or should it just be accepted that people that people who speak a second language lapse into their native tongue because it’s what is most comfortable for them, even in mixed company.

One side of the argument is that well we live in America, and English is the National language. It’s rude and exclusive to speak any language other than English when you are in mixed company (meaning that there are English speaking individuals in your area.)

The people who are speaking in their chosen language have said, that they don’t mean to exclude anyone, it’s just that they are more comfortable, it’s a subconscious choice, and not meant to be offensive.

I think the answer to this one is somewhere in the middle. Many times it is just what is comfortable for the individual, and it is not his/her intent to offend or exclude anyone, but then sometimes…It is. What I know is that we have to try and be more tolerant and accepting of people. Even when it looks like there not being accepting of you. Say Something L.A.

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