Happy New Year L.A.!

It’s been a minute L.A. Happy 2014! I hope you enjoyed your holidays. I know I did, I attended the Jay Z,  Magna Carta World Tour. The concert was FIRE! My family is crazy, cool. Football games, good food, good times. Oh, and I picked up that “Beyoncé,” and Target does not have to carry Queen “B,” because she carried her self. Number one – three weeks in a row! And She did that! Download or go get it. Best Buy or Walmart all day. Enough about the Carters, I went to the movies and Idris Elba in “The Long Walk to Freedom” is freakin awesome! Naomie Harris does a fabulous job, as well. Great movie, you guys should check it out. I wish you all the very best, that’s it L.A.



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