Really Kanye!

I can see you are very caught up in your relationship, but your more than stupid comment about how Michelle Obama would not be able to instagram a bikini pic like what your “girl” did on instagram, just too stupid /”stoopid” for words. Your girl is famous because of a sex tape. and I give to her and her mama they did that. But for you to compare her to the First Lady of the United States. She’s the First Lady of the most powerful nation in the world. You are really talented, but as talented as you are, please exercise more practical intelligence. What daF$C$.

One thought on “Really Kanye!”

  1. Yeezus, whether knowingly or not, has made quite the commentary on how shallow things have become. It’s actually possible that someone who has done NOTHING but be born rich has more influence than someone who earned a law degree, broke down racial and gender barriers, and then became one half of the most powerful political couple in the world.

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